2018 Obtanded ISO9001:2015(CNS12681:2016) Vision Certificated.
2016 Increase the sales of tungsten carbide and extend OEM business.
2015 R&D develop advanced M/C JS-300CNC-P5-3D can overcome micro diameter and high precision 0.002mm within the step grinder.
2013 Develop Auto Wheel Dressor, Compact 5 Axis CNC Tool & Cutter Grinder, full integration for cutting tool process m/c and offer customers one stop shop for require. 
2012 Successfully complete One Stop Shop Plan by developing Auto loading cut-into-length m/c, Auto loading chamfering m/c, Rough-Endmill relieving m/c (customer-made), R&D 200CNC-P3-2D m/c. Betake STARTECH to One Stop Shop professional tools maker, position Tools Grinding Expert, offer customers All Blank Preparation Machines Plan and complete M/C for cutting tool blank preparation requires.
2011 Successfully develop CNC cut-into-length m/c, CNC chamfering m/c, Rough-Endmill relieving m/c & extend 100 P2-2D function to become 150CNC-P3-2D m/c,Complete all process of cutting-tool process m/c.
2010 Cooperation with the ANCA Motion, import PC base user interface, a substantial improve in stability and efficient.
2009 Extend total capacity of Taiwan & China factory; the total capacity of production line is up to 1.4 million and developed new model of fluting & step M/C.
 Developed cutting tool equipment and successed in extanding the marketing of Router Bit manufacturers in Korea & Japan.
Obtanded ISO9001 2008 Vision Certificated and approved by Japanese & Korean of Router Bit & End Mill user.
2008 Router Bit &  End Mill are  approved by Japanese customers and O.E.M for Japanese brand router company.
Router Bit & End Mill are approved by of  Korean IC-substrate maker.
Router Bit & End Mill are approved by Japanese  manufacturers in  Singapore, Thailand & Malaysia.
2007 STARTECH obtained the JACKMILL brands and equipment technology.
2006 Certificated by Korean user Power Logics, Korean Circuit & PANASONIC Taiwan.
2005 Extended Production lines to 700,000 PCs/month.
2004 BGA Router Bit certificated by PPt.(No.1 PBGA maker)
2003 Extended Assembly lines 250,000 PCS per month.
Developed ø 0.5mm & BGA Router Bit & setup manufacturing line.
Extended Assembly lines 400,000 PCs per month.
2002 ISO9001 2000 Vision Certificated & developed Endmills & Two Flutes Endmill.
2001 Set up PCB R&D department focus on developing & researching Router Bit.
Settle down & set up Assembly line & inspection equipments.
Samples testing, defaults-correction, standard spec setup & trial producing.
Trial producing 15,000~20,000 PCs per month & engineering operator training.
First order, shipped out & developed Chip Breaker.
2000 Startech established and formally registered.
Cooperated with famous cutter tools machine manufacturer JACKMILL.